Blog 40: Spring has Sprung

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The sun is shinning, the birds are tweeting, the lambs are being born, its almost Easter, some people have their shorts on, the nights are getting later-spring really has arrived and I am hoping that it will stay for a long time! I always find that the winter months are so slow, dark and boring but the spring does come upon us quickly and each year it seems to get faster!

I love most of the seasons but spring is especially a wonderful year, the baby birds try and learn to fly, the new flowers come to bloom, you don’t have to wear so many layers of clothing, you could even brave the weather with no coat! Spring is such a beautiful time of the year that we almost take it for granted, we step outside with no coat and don’t seem to realise it, we see the new flowers and take it for granted, we have the sun shinning through the morning window and wish we didn’t have to get up but it is such a wonderful time of the year.

Spring is the years most colourful and joyful season, not only do we have all of the above to enjoy but we also have Easter (Keep a watch out for Second Birth Blog). Straight after a dark and dreary few months it is time to celebrate the new beginnings and the new life that has come into the world. It is time to go for those sunday afternoon walks, to get the wellies on, to take the children to the park. There is so much time with the evening light getting longer to do more of those things we love, how amazing that after such cold winters that things come back to life and cheer us up.

Spring lets you know that summer is coming and winter has been firmly put behind us and we can now start to enjoy the sunnier weather. Spring is full of so many new things and new beginnings that it is almost a new year in itself. I think it is amazing that God put the certain seasons in the way that they are-can you imagine if it was winter, summer, autumn and then spring? Life would be so confusing and our bodies would not have time to adjust. As it is now our bodies are able to take the changes in the weather and to be able to get prepared for the next thing that will be coming.

It’s great that after such a hard few months with winter that God allows new beginnings to come to light, the sun to come up earlier in the morning, the evenings to get longer- it is almost that he is making up for the dark winter mornings and all the trees being ‘dead.’ Have you ever thought about spring like that? Spring is the time when we are able to celebrate new life and new beginnings and to praise God that he has helped us through the winter months and to continue to help us through the year ahead.

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