Blog 38: The Big Taboo


Abortion? Porn? Sex? Gender fluid? Teenage Pregnancy? Religion? Race? Mental Health? Sexism? War? Death? All of these have one theme in common Do you know? They are all taboo subjects. Subjects as a society we don’t want to talk about. Subjects we will quickly change the conversation. Subjects that people find weird that we would talk about outside.

NEWFLASH: It’s good to be able to talk about these subjects and to talk about how people are feeling. All of these subjects people don’t like to talk about but they need to be talked about. So many people have different feelings on these subjects but don’t feel they are valid, important to say or they may offend someone. So many people struggle with these subjects and don’t know where to turn and so often people head to google and that’s what I do.

I have been struggling with one of these taboo subjects and it is mental health. Did you know 20% of adolescents may experience a mental health problem in any given year? 1 in 4 people have mental health? 35%-50% of people who suffer with mental health don’t get the help that they need? What incredible statistics! Mental health is a huge thing in the UK, note I did not say problem, mental health is not a problem it is a concern and people need to get the support that they need. People need to know that they can talk to people about it and they will not get judged and that people want to be able to help.

Over the last several months I, myself, have struggled with mental health, being let down by people, being told what to do but mostly not having the strength to deal with anymore things that go on. I know that I need to get help, that I need to trust people and I need to be able to talk about how I feel but it’s not that I feel that I don’t want to, sometimes I don’t, but its more that other people have their everyday life and I don’t want to add my issue to that. Over the past months I have gone to seek help but have been let down so many times because the budgets too small, there’s not enough staff, the person I needed wasn’t in and that doesn’t help. You feel let down, isolated, hurt, confused, disoriented, scared, frightened but most of all ready to give up.

We all know that resources at minimal but people with mental health really do need help and we as a society need to give up on the idea that it is ‘attention seeking’ because it really is not. So many people suffer in silence over this because they don’t feel that they can talk to anyone and don’t feel that they are worth anything. I have had these feelings, I know what it is like to not want to live life anymore, to want to give up, to think, know, that people are too busy, to have sleepless nights worrying about your brain. It is a long hard slog that needs help it always feels like two steps forward and one step back.

In all of this and being let down by people, not being able to trust people and wanting to give up on life there is One that can help you get through this muddy part in your life. It may feel really rubbish and you may not want to hear this but this is the season that God has put you in and He will help you to get through it. In all of this remember it is important not to be lonely but to be loved. When you feel your worse and want to give up DON’T because you do have people around you who love you, people who want you to keep going, people who would be devastated if you gave up. But most of all there is a God, a loving father, who can help and will guide you through what may seem like an eternity of a journey.

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