Blog 37: I’m Sorry


I’m Sorry. I wonder how many times you have said this and you have meant it? I wonder how many times you have said sorry but haven’t meant it? Have you gone one day without saying sorry?

There are so many ways to say sorry and to act like you are sorry. There are so many actions to say that you are sorry, there are so many things to say that you are sorry, there are so many facial expression to say that you are sorry, there are so many different things to say that you are sorry. I wonder how you find it best to say sorry? Can you do it to someones face? Are you able to write it down? Do you write cards? How do you say sorry?

It has come to my attention that some of the past blogs that I have wrote have hurt other people and that they did not like them. I am sorry and I want to tell you that none of these blogs were directed at you and these blogs are how I feel and that I want to write them out. I know what I would have said in the past my have hurt you and you may not have liked it but I really did not mean for this to happen.

Over the last few months life has been very very hard and even though I am not using this as an excuse I have found it best to be able to write them down and to be able to write how I am feeling. I know that I may have inadvertently hurt some people and I am really sorry for that. I know that saying sorry may not be enough but I really do mean it and I really am sorry. Over the last few months I have been hurt and I have hurt other people, I have been rude to but have been rude to others and I know that it hurts.

I have been told that some people have read these and then they have cried about them after. This is honestly and factually how I have felt over the last couple of months and I have not made anything up. I know that I am now getting help and I will continue to write my blogs and how I feel. I would ask that if you feel hurt/ pained by anything that I write that you get in touch and that you talk to me about it. It would be better, like me, that you talk about your feelings to the people that have hurt/ pained you rather than going around talking to other people about it. My motto in life is, ‘Not bitch to other if you can’t bitch to my face.’

It pains me a lot more for you to go around talking to others about things rather than to talk to me about it. I am the one that has written the things that need to be talked about. I know that some of things written may have hurt you but going through them has hurt me a hell lot more.

In all of this God has been in control and He has helped me over these past few months and He has helped those people around me. There will be more hurts in the future to and from me but God is in control and He will help all to reconcile and to help each other to grow and develop in a way that is right for all of us.

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