Blog 32: 24 years young


As I am about to turn 24 life hasn’t always been easy and life has been full of ups and downs, I suppose it is to be expected and life is meant to be a roller coaster but sometimes I feel like I would just like a break. The last 23 years have been hard and a lot of things have happened, some things that I’m not proud of and some things I am happy that I have been able to do. All the way through these last 23 years even though it has been hard God has always been there and he has been the one that I can rely on when no one else is there.

Reflecting back on 24 years is a very long time and I’m not proud of some of the things that have happened and some of the things that I have done but I am beginning to be proud of the person I am becoming. I know it will take a long time but I know I will get there and become proud of the person I am and the things I am achieving. Over the last 24 years people have come and gone in my life, people have passed away, people have walked out of my life and other people have turned their back on me but I am still here to tell the tale and to be able to keep going with my life.

Reflecting back on the last year It has been hard and life has been really difficult for me, I have started and left jobs, I have moved out, I have been on holiday, I have had a city break, been on camp, faced some difficult medical and personal challenges and I have fallen (quite heavily) in love. This year alone has been up and down and to be honest I am not proud at all of the things that I have done but I am really glad that it over. I can’t wait to ‘refresh’ my life and start it of better for this year. I know that this year of being 24 will be hard and it will be a challenge but with the people I have around me I am so ready for it and ready for the challenge ahead.

This year alone it has been challenging with family things going on and my personal development halted through severe depression and anxiety. I have been ready to face up to things in my life that I have not wanted to do before and it has been hard. I am really grateful for the people around me who have helped me become the person I am and who have supported me through everything I have been through. I want to apologise to everyone who has had to go through this with me but without their support I really would not be here today-I know this sounds extreme but it really is true.

I am looking forward to this 24th year and hopefully getting my life on track and to be able to do the things that I would like to do. Whatever happens and whoever walks out of my life I know that God will always be there for me. I know that He will protect me, look after me and love me when no one is able. I know that all others may forsake me but He will not. He will be there through my easy and bad times and I will be forever grateful to him. 

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