Blog 31: Facts about me



I was born in 1995 so below are 24 facts about me that you may not have known:

1) I was born up north in Leicestershire

2) I have one brother and one sister

3) I had a rabbit who lived for 11 years

4) Favourite colour is pink

5) I don’t like wearing skirts

6) I was home schooled from age 11-16

7) I lived in Colombia for 6 months

8) I would get detention most of the time at school

9) I only have two best friends

10) I like apple and mango juice

11) I try and wear make up everyday

12) I enjoy playing some board games

13) I used to like Strictly Come Dancing

14) I like to watch murder detectives (I.e. Death in paradise)

15) I get bored of things easily

16) I don’t like wearing shoes in the summer

17) I have been with my boyfriend for about 7 months

18) My favourite food is pasta and meatballs

19) I cannot stand Marmite

20) My ideal day is on the beach or sofa

21) I like photography

22) I don’t like being on my own

23) I enjoy writing poems

24) I am a bit scared of the future

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