Blog 26: New Year, New me


How the heck did 2019 come upon us, it seemed only like yesterday that we were celebrating the end of 2017 and going into 2018?! I would love to say that 2018 has been an amazing year but to be quite honest with you I am glad to see the back of it.

As another years ends and another finishes I think back to all that I have done this year all good and bad and think how I have grown as a person, been on several holidays, made new friends, had different jobs, been to different places, had different health issues, got a boyfriend and much more. It has been a busy 2018 and so much good and bad has happened. It has been easy to think about all the negative things but so much positive things has happened too. Mostly that God has given me another year to live!

2019 might be another year where negative things happen and where things don’t go as I have planned but I know that there is One who knows the future and there is One who be beside me all the way. God knows what 2019 holds before we even saw 2018 out, God knows what will happen with family, God knows what will happen with friends, God knows what will happen with church, God knows what will happen with relationships, God knows my life much better than I do and I know that I will trust him more and more as each day comes.

As it is a new year you hear about those people who have new years resolutions such as going to the gym every week, giving up snacking, exercising more, loosing weight, drink less alcohol, stop smoking etc but most of them don’t really happen for over a week as people give up and their lives get too busy. So many people want to be better but are unable to do it on their own, so many people feel like they should be better because society tells them too. Realistically though so many people won’t keep up with their resolutions and it will gradually fade as the year goes on.

As so many people set themselves goals and as so many people want to be better there is One who will accept us just the way we are and who will help and guide us all the way through the year and into next. God will stand by you all the way, you don’t have to impress him to become one of His family. You don’t have to come with the most amazing body, or the least amount of alcohol in your system, or your lungs clear of nicotine but you can just come as yourself, humbly and sinful.

As 2019 starts maybe we can think about the way we want to change to reflect Christ more in our lives and to be able to help others reflect Christ in their lives too. As 2019 starts I want to set a resolution for myself and that is to reflect Christ in a way so that people know that I am different.

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