Blog 25: Christmas Day


Its Christmas time

and the bells will chime

there will be food

and a good mood

everyone singing

and present giving

children screaming

and adults gleaming

there will be church to attend

and money to spend

there will be sacks

and lots of snacks

there will be mince pies

and happy cries

there will be presents

and lots of events

there will be ham

and maybe some lamb

there will be smiles

that will go for miles

but there will be some

who feel quite glum

someone will be missing

who we wish we were kissing

there will be that spare seat

and one we will not greet

it will be hard

and maybe out heart will be scarred

we will think about them

and may feel glum

but Jesus came

in God’s name

as a tiny boy

to bring some joy

to his mother and father

and not be a bother

but instead to be here

so we can be there

with God in glory

what a wonderful story

so remember this

and do not miss

Jesus is the reason

for this festive season

Written by myself

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