Blog 24: Deck the Halls


It’s that time of year again when we get ready to shop, wrap presents, eat turkey, drink wine, sing carols, laugh with family, deck the halls and more. Each year I wonder how Christmas came upon us so fast and where the last year has gone!

For me Christmas is such a huge thing, I love to see family, spend time with children and of course open presents. However I think the most joy that comes from Christmas is seeing the joy on other people’s faces. I love how the children squeal with delight as they see that santa has come, I love how the older people get a spring in their step, I love how the young people group together for a pre-Christmas drink, I love how all the adults catch up with long-lost relatives. It’s amazing how Christmas can change an atmosphere in a house.

I know that not all people will have a great Christmas, some may be in hospital, some may have just been diagnosed with an illness, for some this may be their last Christmas, for others they have split families and for some there will be a spare space at the dinner table. I know that Christmas can be a very glad time for some and a very difficult and hard time for others. Whoever you are remember that memories count and so make sure that you can have the best day.

Some people find Christmas a strange kind of thing, they meet up with people that they haven’t seen all year, they go to church only on Christmas day, they give presents to long-lost relatives and they somehow believe in the whole Christmas thing. If you are not of the religion looking in Christmas is a strange thing-no other baby born has a worldwide celebration day so why Jesus?

As a believer myself it is hard for me to understand why people do Christmas but don’t believe in the whole Jesus coming to earth thing, it is hard for me to understand why Christmas has become so materialistic, it is hard for me to understand why people just go to church on Christmas day, it is hard for me to understand why people suddenly catch up with long-lost relatives but most of all it is hard for me to understand why people believe in Christmas if they think there is no Jesus.

For me as much as I love so many aspects of Christmas I do love to remember that Jesus came to earth as every other person on this planet. He grew up like any other child. He went through his teenage years like any other teenage but he was still massively different. He was born in a stable, Facebook didn’t announce his arrival but angels, his grandparents didn’t come to visit but shepherds, his parents friends didn’t come but the wise men from the east. He didn’t grow like any other children, he was perfect, he was blameless, he was kind, he was caring and He was God as a human form. 33 years after he was born he died the perfect death after a perfect life so we are able to celebrate him for all eternity.

This Christmas time are you thinking about the business, the presents, whether the turkey will cook, who you are going to see, what relatives you need to buy for, where you go to church? Maybe its time to look at the real meaning of Christmas and that Jesus came as a humble baby in a stable for you.

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