Blog 22: America


I went to America in September and it was by far one of my best vacations that I have ever done. I was amazing to catch up with my friend from Colombia and to be able to stay with her family. I had such an amazing time and it is hard to put all in one blog but I really am going to try.

Just for a bit of the background story when I was in Colombia 2015 I met my best friend all the way from Wisconsin. We clicked immediately and we knew that we were going to be friends for a very long time. In 2016 my friend came over to England and I showed her all around London and now in 2018 it was my time to go over to USA. I booked this in February and I was excited ever since. I couldn’t wait to get on a plane to be able to see my best friend.

In America we went to so many places and experienced so much. Even though I didn’t know the rules we went to a baseball game-thankfully the home team won! We also went to an apple orchard, played with the children, lit fireworks, went hiking and swimming, went up a lighthouse, cooked together, met friends, watched movies, cuddled the puppy, ate ice cream everyday but most of all I loved spending time with my friend. It was so good to be able to be back in her company and to learn more about her family.

Once I had arrived I did need to very quickly get into the american slang and change some of my words! However, some people did like my accent so that meant that we got extra ice cream at one shop! We felt like we had never been apart and there was no time difference between us-it was so good to be together, to laugh, love and live life to the fullest. I will always remember this vacation and the fun that we had-I don’t think I have ever laughed so much in my life!

I think my highlight has to be going to Duluth on Lake Superior. We went to Gooseberry Falls, the lighthouse and so much more. It was such an amazing day and the weather was wonderful which helped, we were able to walk, paddle and to eat more ice cream! The sun was shinning and my heart was very happy to be with my american ‘family.’ My friends parents were so amazing and accepted me into their house with such hospitality and love that when I left I really missed it.

I want to thank my friend and her family for the love that they gave, the support they gave, the shoulders to cry on and all the ice cream to eat! I love the country of America, my friend and her family and I can’t wait to go back again.

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