Blog 12: Bonus Father’s Day blog

You may be a single father, a divorced father, a useless father, a busy father, a father longing to have children, a father who doesn’t know all of your children but you are all fathers. Whether you loath or love your children you are all fathers and we look up to you. I have always amired those fathers that stay at home and look after their children and I suppose that is because I have a father who has done that for me. I have always had a father to look up to, to play with and now as I get older to talk to. Many fathers out there are the bread winners and go out and make a living by going to work I think both are just as wonderful.

Your father my be different to the father who concieved you but he is still your father and he loves you very much. My father is my adoptive father and I have been blessed to have him around. He always listens to my moans and groans, he helps me to laugh but most of all he has loved me through the hard and tough times, the times when I thought I would never see a light at the end of the tunnel. He has support me through my lows and has rejoiced in my highs. My lows have been more than my highs but he has never walked away and always been there for me. I am truly blessed to be able to have a godly role model in my life. To be quiet honest if you had me as a daughter you would have probably run by now but he hasn’t and I will be forever grateful for that.

I know so many people who don’t know their fathers, whose fathers have walked out on them, whose fathers had another family, whose fathers didn’t really care, whose fathers turned a blind eye when in trouble and whose fathers abused their wives. This can be hard and I’m sorry to say but the older you get the harder it will be. You won’t have anyone to walk you down the aisle, you won’t have anyone to lean on, you won’t have anyone to do that odd bit of DIY, you won’t have anyone who you can name your child after, you want to reach out but you can’t, you have questions of why you weren’t good enough, why did he leave, why did he beat your mum and that can be hard.

I know for so many of your reading this that it will be hard and maybe it took all your strength to read something about fathers but dear friend we have an even better father. One that won’t walk away, one that you can trust, one that you can lean on, one that will always listen, one that will guide, one that will rejoice, one who knows your pain before you do. Dear friend He is called God.

I have been able to trust Him like no one else. I have been able to cry, scream, laugh and rejoice when things have happened and I have been able to get this far through life because of God’s gracious and his abounding love. God is the one and true father who we can trust with all of our being. Thank God that I have Him as my living Heavenly Father. I am truly blessed to have both these fathers in my life.

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