Blog 11: You can’t run away.

Within the last week I have just come back from Amsterdam and apart from looking a beetroot I feel the same way I did when I went. The weather was beautiful, the company was great, the views were amazing, I felt relax and at peace but you know something I still felt the same when I came back as when I went. Why? You can’t run away from things.

As things get hard and you wish you were on holiday things will always be at home when you get back. I suppose it’s like the letter box. The longer your away the more it piles up. The longer your away the more your feelings pile up and the more you think about things. Why? Your in a more relaxed mode and you can chill and not worry about things.

Before I went away things were very hard. Someone I lived with left our home suddenly and without reason and we still have not seen that person to this day, my job was hard with end of the month things, I’m planning for my trip to America in September, I didn’t want to loose my passport. The three days I was in Amsterdam it was true I did think about those things more and chilled more but I also spoke about them more. When I came back they were still on my front door step to be sorted out, there were still worries that needed to be talked about, there were still things to think about, I still don’t want to loose my passport, I still need to think about those things for America but I am back home now and they are more of a worry as I see things relating to them everyday.

Just going on holiday does not let bad things go away. For some people it can make it worse, for some people it can make it better. Whatever it does for you, you can’t run away from the problem. What you can do though is to trust and obey.

I personally trust God that he will help and protect me. He will protect the person that has left my house, he will help me to rest at night when I suddenly think of things, he will give me the energy I need to be able to carry out my work, he will give me the thinking power to think of things coming up. In all things trust that God has a plan and a purpose. He has put these hard things in life for you to rely and lean on him. Don’t try and run away from your problems and don’t try and run away from God.

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