Blog 7: Delving into Devon

Are you a city person or a country person? Do you like the grass or concrete? Do you enjoy the tube or steam train? The beach or sidewalk? The sea or pavement? The sand or grass? The cottage or the flats?

I think I’m a bit of each really. I enjoy heading up to London and looking at all the wonderful sights of man made buildings but I also enjoy heading down to the West Country for fresh air and the natural creation. I have always been one for being with family rather than friends and would always take a family holiday any day. Don’t get me wrong I love my friends but also enjoy having time with family.

I have been coming down to Devon in the same area for the past 18 years now and each year I see something different and have a totally different understanding of how God has created the things around us. Although throughout the last 18 years my life has changed and part of the countryside has changed God has stayed the same. Each time there is something different that I pick up on in creation.

I would say that this year it has been the peace. With so much going on back home and around the world to be able to get away from it all and to be able to chill with my family has been amazing. Here in the West Country I really feel away from all the hubbub and craziness of London and work and relationships. I’m not saying I don’t miss my friends when I am away I do but I love to have the peace and quiet of the good old Devon countryside. I find that the countryside is the best place to relax and to charge my batteries once again ready for work when I get back.

Over the years I have done and seen so much in Devon and this year was no different. Although the weather has been mixed and I have been to the beach, coastal walks and headed to some waterfalls and each and everything has been beautiful. It can be the tiniest thing from a robin to the vast ocean that I really see how wonderful creation is and how it changes before our eyes. God really did make such a wonderful world and I am so blessed to be able to have the health and energy to be able to experience it.

The routine mundane everyday can get a bit boring but being away I relax in ways I didn’t know I could, I do things differently and the main reason I feel closer to God because there is so much creation around me. He didn’t make the skyscrapers in London but he made the pebble beach in Seaton. He didn’t make the sidewalk but the green grass. He didn’t make the train but the countryside for the steam train. Each and everything in the West Country I can see Gods hand and how he has created to smallest to the largest. I need to learn to see Gods hand in London too. Although we don’t have a lot he still made the parks and the birds and the grass and the least I can do it be grateful for it all. Most of all he has given me health to enjoy it all.

So although it was wonderful to be able to get away with family it was even more wonderful to see the creation that God has made. To be able to see the smallest to the largest of things. As I have gotten older I have realised how to appreciate the world that God has made around me and how much He made so we can enjoy. I am grateful that this year I have been able to have the strength and energy to be able to go out and do so many amazing things.

If you are planning a holiday anytime soon I would really recommend heading down to the countryside and seeing Gods wonderful hand at creation. You can do that all over the world but I would highly recommend the West Country.

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