Blog 4: Bonus Mother’s Day Blog




Whether you are a single mum, a step mum, a birth mum or an adopted mum you are special, you are loved.
I am so blessed because I have a different mum to the one who gave birth to me. My adoptive mum is all that I have known and she is my mum. She has bought me up since I was small, she has loved me, corrected me and taught me all that I need to know. Sometimes I’ve been down right horrible to her, shouted at her, slammed many a door, back stabbed her and much more but you know what she was the one that always accepted my apology, always hugged me tighter and always cried with me. She is one truly awesome mum and I quiet honestly don’t know what I would do without her.
In raising me and my two siblings up and all of our baggage that comes with adoption it really is much harder than she makes out. Sometimes she says being a mum is harder then being a headteacher because at the end of the day we are her children. I’ve never doubted that. Whatever we have been through and are going through I know that we will come out of the other side stronger for it and we will be closer than we have ever been.
To be quiet honest ‘I find it rather hard that I like her quiet a lot but I’ve said it now so there.’ My mum has been there through ups and downs, very heavy storms to nice warm days. She has never given up on me when so many people have, she has never let me down when so many people have, she has never walked away when so many people have. I am truly blessed to have someone that I can call mum and that I can call of any time of the day. I am every grateful for my mum for who she is, what she has been able to achive, how she has bought me up and for adopting me so I could get out the hell I was living. She has often asked me where I would be now if it wasn’t for her love and I have shrugged it of but to be honest I don’t know.
I can never imagine life without her.
If when I become a mum I can be as half as great as her I will be truly blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day mum.
Tip: Treat your mum like a princess everyday you don’t know what she is going through to make you the person you are and want to be.

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