Blog 2: Bonus snowy blog








This is a bonus blog today! As I am sitting here with writing, with my dog on my lap and the electric blanket on, this it is still snowing outside and more is to come this afternoon and evening.

Is freezing cold and frustrating being stuck inside with heating on full blast and the occasional blast of the electric blanket on the bed just to take to chill of. I have been surprised at how the country has basically stopped working, with no trains, no buses and definitely no bikes! I do feel sorry for all those people that are still needing to get to work and feel worse for those people who are staying on the streets. At this time I am thankful for the warmth.
Even though there has been so many accidents and deaths I much prefer the snow to rain because the snow is here for a while and then it goes again, rain gets into the clothes and can make you feel cold. I have noticed that when the weather is bad there is much more of a community spirit, neighbours helping neighbours sweeping their pathways, people popping in to the elderly, it makes me proud to be British. Whatever the weather is not though I did much prefer the sun and I do hope that it will be coming soon.

Whatever you are doing today make sure you wrap up warm and stay inside.

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