Blog 1: My First Blog





For some people writing may be really boring or even reading may be boring but I hoping here that you will be able to enjoy both. I never really enjoyed reading but I loved writing essays, so much so that I sometimes did my friends!

You may already know that I am doing another blog but that is on my website and about photography. This will be set up in the next month or so and so for now I will give up dates about this on here and then you will be able to read the photography one if that takes your interest. I will be keeping this one going though and this will be about my life, my faith and hopefully will end in some tips about how to keep on going.

I want to shout out to Josie Hill as I have been reading her blogs and so they have helped me to launch this great journey. I have thought about doing this for a long time but with her having hardly anytime on her hands with a one year old I thought why couldn’t I do it and so here I am finally! Go and check out her blog here:

I have had many people telling me that this is a waste of time and I need to get some books to read but as I have said I hate books and so I am taking this leap of faith in doing my blogs and even if just one person reads it I will be chuffed.

I am looking at uploading a blog every month or even more often but I want to take you along my journey of being an adult in this society. So please join me and lets go on this adventure together.

Beccy x

Tip; If you want to do something don’t take forever like I have done!

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